Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thoughts From Mid Air...

iPhones are cool. I have no idea how I managed before the days of cell phones much less my iPhone. I'm in route to LAX and have been reading the July issue of Runner's World. Any of you read it? If not it's a good one. It is a special edition about cancer survivors and I'm fairly certain the lady next to me thinks I'm a nut, I keep getting all teary eyed. Some of these stories are truly amazing. Absolutely inspiring. Stories of dedication and determination. Stories of mothers and fathers. Stories of survivors.

I will be running Saturday's race in honor if my dad, who despite how he is feeling still smiles, still gets on the floor and plays with LB, still feeds and waters the cows. My dad is strong and positive and I hope I can be so during my short 13.1 mile battle.

> I remember during this race last year I had a thousand different emotions flowing through my body. The Hubs was in Afghanistan and I had only recently found out about my dad's cancer. At the expo I filled out one of those bibs you can wear, In Honor Of My Dad. I wore that and ran the race and achieved my current half marathon PR of 1:55 and some change. Anytime I got tired or stated to doubt I would reach down and touch my bib.

That race I was in a zone. I thought about my pain, my self-imposed pain that really was a moment in time. Insignificant in comparison to all that would be ahead for my dad and others fighting cancer. Who was I to complain? My health was good. I was strong. I chose to put my body through this. This year I will do the same. Although I will be running with others, Mel and Blonde Ponytail have volunteered to pace me to a PR, I know they will understand that this race is dedicated to my dad. I may be within my own head and running with my heart.

I love you dad, and if running 13.1 miles would guarantee a cure for cancer I'd do it 1000 times over. What's another 987 half marathons? Seattle Rock n Roll will be my 14th!


  1. You've done 13 half marathons?! Wow - that's awesome! If I wasn't doing a tri on Saturday, I'd totally be running R&R with all you blogger gals. :) Have fun and good luck!

  2. Runner's world has me motivated too, total tear jerker and reminder to appreciate the right things in life. Your line about running 1000 1/2s was really sweet.

  3. Good luck on a new PR, sounds like you have some great motivation and helpers.

  4. You are not alone! I cried through most of the issue too!

    My what things we can go through in a year's time! Thoughts and prayers to your Dad and to you this weekend!!!

  5. Have a GREAT race!!! You Dad must be so proud!

  6. Running with your heart is way more powerful than running with your legs. Good luck with that PR!

  7. Good for you on running for your Dad. Good luck at Seattle R&R!

  8. Can't wait to run WITH you!! So proud of you for running for a cause and your father! AMAZING! INSPIRING...so inspired.

    I AM going to crap that darn sock!

  9. You KNOW that I completely understand and every race is for my Dad too. Cant wait to see you my friend. I have missed you tons!


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