Sunday, April 1, 2018

Already Ahead....

...once I hit PUBLISH I’ll already be ahead of my 2017 blogging. Can I get a high five?

So I’m still in for Blooms to Brews! Tulips are already in full bloom here in OK so you better believe I threatened Jessica about the tulips up there in the PNW. She assured me that the tulips in fact would be in full bloom end of April. I’m pretty excited to get back up there and run a race… it’s been far too long.

Although this won’t be much of a race per say.  I’m not going for a PR. The training just hasn’t been there. I have no doubt I can cover the distance. But injury has set me back significantly. The past three years I have been busy with something called Crossfit. Ever heard of it? It has been an amazing experience and I’ll be the first to say it’s not for everyone. But for me it has been awesome. If you’re curious you should most definitely give it a try. The atmosphere and community are unlike anything you have ever experienced, except maybe like the military. Anyway, I digress… the 2018 Open brought with it, like it does every year, challenges and weaknesses are exposed. During 18.1 (1st of 5 workouts) I did a doozie on my body. Long story short over a month later and I am still slowly recovering from an injury sustained to my ribs, shoulder blade, rhomboid major, and AC joint. It sounds serious and awful. It was certainly awful and one of the most painful things I have experienced. But not serious. It just needs time to recover. And I’m not good at taking time off. Especially when I have race to train for. But overall no permanent damage has been done to my body.

 If you’ve ever popped ribs out of place or cracked or injured your ribs in any way you understand just how hard it is to even breath. Forget sneezing, coughing, or laughing. Breathing is so difficult that small shallow breaths are all you can handle, which over time causes a feeling of almost hyperventilating. Not. Fun.

So how the heck can you run when you can’t breath or stand unassisted for more than a couple of minutes? You can’t. Nope. Not at all.

But here I am, 5 weeks later, and I’m hoping to start running Thursday! The Dr. on Thursday threatened to put put me in a sling if I don’t hang on one more week and take it easy.... so I am taking it easy. A few more days. Then I have three weeks to get some fitness in.

So Blooms to Brews won’t be pretty but it’ll be fun!!

And on a final note I need a challenge for the next 365 days.... I turned 39 in March and the next one is gonna different than any other birthday I’ve had. I’m working on an epic 40th birthday trip, but until then I need something to keep me going. When I was a military spouse I ran a half marathon every month during the first deployment. I think a half a month is a bit too ambitious given OK doesn’t exactly have the race scene that the PNW afforded me with. But maybe a 5k a month, or a mile a day, or yoga every day, or some kind of registered even a month.... something. And I need to figure it out fast! So give me some ideas!!

Epic BDay cake made by Summer

Ace was super impressed by the bday flowers!


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