Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tomorrow: Rain or Shine…

I will be running 18 miles.

This is our weather forecast for the week, so it looks like a soppy week ahead.

My friend Jessica has registered for an Ironman, a Lazy Man’s Ironman but Ironman nonetheless. She has to swim, bike, and run the Ironman distances but has a month or two to do it. So she has offered to ride her bike alongside me as I splish and splash through the streets of T-Town. I hope the rain does not change her mind because 18 on my own in the rain may be tough.

So come tomorrow I will have a new distance PR.

Here is the elevation map for the OKC Marathon. Does anyone know how to interpret one of these things? It looks bad but I know OKC is pretty flat…But just to be safe the streets of Tacoma are full of hills and I will tackle them as they come, big and never relenting.


4 weeks until OKC Marathon guys!!! Freak out time!

Today I am grateful for:

A trip to the movies with my Little Buddy to see How to Tame a Dragon (awesome movie!).

Tulips in my flower beds!

My Little Buddy is sleeping soundly, in HIS OWN BED. Lately he has gotten in the habit of sweet talking his way into my bed because “I don’t want you to be lonely”. Ugh, he is a smooth talker and I am a push over.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. Here's to mist and sun breaks!

  2. Good luck on your 18 miler tomorrow. Hope you don't get too drenched!!

  3. Ok rain or shine! But not early morning I just can't handle early mornings!! I will call you before noon! :)

  4. Well at least it will be warm while running in the rain! Hope it goes well! That lazy ironman sounds fun! Totally my type of thing!

  5. Way to go on the commitment to run - rain or shine. I did notice the rain on the national weather map yesterday and thought of all of you up in the Northwest.

    Love that the little one talks his way into your bed. Enjoy and cuddle.

    Have a great week.

  6. good luck...stick your tongue out while will be an easy way to stay hydrated :)

  7. Good luck with the 18 miler! And so cute about little man!

  8. I love running in the rain, but when it is warmer. Good Luck and I hope the sun decides to make an appearance for you!

  9. I hope your run went well.

    We are having our spring showers here too. Yuck!

    Your elevation pic didn't link so I am not help there. Sorry.

    It's hard to resist little ones when your lonely and tired.

  10. Good luck on the 18 miler.

    FYI, the hills in Tacoma are much harder than the hills in OKC.

  11. Hope you had a run on the dry side! It has been a rainy mess here too!

  12. Yep. That's what march is like for us too.

    It's nice that you're a sucker for his sweetness. Sometimes I feel like I should give in more.

    I've been looking for a movie to take my oldest to. She's just not old enough to sit thru one. I wonder if she'll like How to Tame a Dragon.

  13. I did 14 miles in a downpour a couple of weeks ago....After a few miles, you forget it's even raining! That elevation chart is different than most I've seen. Usually they have the numbers on the side so you can easily see the elevation changes. I'm guessing that there's only an 80 ft elevation change throughout?? I'm not sure...sorry!

  14. YAY for the little one sleeping in his own bed!! Good luck on your 18 miler. You are going to do awesome!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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